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Сooperation between Uzbekistan and Russia

13:36 24.10.2019

According to the exchange program with foreign higher education institutions the head of the Facultative and Hospital Surgery Department of Andijan State Medical Institute, Professor Djumabaev E.S. and professor of the Department of General Surgery  Egamov Y.S visited St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation.

During the visit, they took part in the II St. Petersburg Lymphological Forum, held at the National Medical Research Center named after Almazov V.A. At the conference, professor Djumabaev E.S  delivered a lecture on «Regional stimulation of lymphatic drainage in the surgical clinic» and professor  Egamov Y.S on  «Role and place of complex lymphatic therapy in non-specific  ulcerative colitis in the postoperative period» for the postgraduate students, interns and students of medical universities.

Member of the Russian National Medical Research Center named after Almazov V.A and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,  Deputy director on Scientific Affairs, Professor  Konradi O.A sent letter of thanksto the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute  Madazimov M.M.

Translated by:

Pulatova U.S