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0The work carried out before July 22, 2019 on capital and current repairs of students’ dormitory buildings of Andijan State Medical Institute in preparation for the 2019-2010 academic year

11:57 27.07.2019

In 4 of the educational and laboratory buildings the following work was done: 50 doors of MDF and 95 Akfa frames were installed, plastering and finishing works were carried out on 70 square meters of door and frame slopes.  On the 1st floor the marble slabs were installed on 225 sq.m., in the bathrooms – 12 sinks and 4 toilet bowls.  The works on the tiling on 35 sq.m. in the bathroom unit have been finished, current repairs of the walls and floors in 25 rooms are carried out. In the lobby of the 1st floor finishing work was done.

Marble was laid on the stairs and finishing work was carried out.  Also finishing works were carried out on 0.3 hectares of the territory located near the building.  The following works were carried out in the 1-dormitory: an area of   75 sq. m. was prepared to install marble on the 1st floor.  In the internal bathrooms of the 1st floor 10 sinks and 4 toilet bowls were installed, concrete work was done, and work on the facing of 35 square meters of floor was done in the internal bathrooms.  The walls and the ceiling of the bathrooms are covered on 72 sq.m.  In the shower room for the girls, all pipes were replaced with flute pipes and new mixers were installed.  In the dressing room for girls the walls and ceiling were covered with plastic, totally 90 sq.m.

Concreting of the floors continues, a concrete screed was laid on the 150 sq. m. of the socle of the facade of the 1 and 2 dormitories, and the tile was laid on 36 sq. m. of the balcony floor. Current repairs of walls and floors of 75 rooms was carried out.  72 sq.m of floors and 72 sq.m of the walls of the laundry room were covered with plastic.  100% of the work is completed.
The following works were performed in the 2nd students’ dormitory: dismantling of wooden floors was carried out on the area of   75 sq. m. to install marble slabs, prepared works were carried out on 100 sq. m. of floor and marble slabs were laid.  28 sq.m. of the floors of the bathroom are faced with tiles, 40 sq.m. of the ceiling and walls are covered with plastic.
In the internal bathrooms of the 1st floor 0 sinks and 4 toilet bowls were installed. Concrete work is performed.  The current repair of walls and floors of 40 rooms was done.  120 sq.m of doors and frames of balconies are dismantled and replaced.  New doors and frames are made of Akfa.  Finishing works of the slopes of installed doors and frames are underway.  Marble slabs are laid on the 108 sq.m floor of the kitchen and dining room located on the hostel’s territory, and 95 sq.m of the walls are lined with plastic.  On 980 sq. m. of the territory of 1-2 dormitories, works on concreting sidewalks and installing curbs were performed.