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A former student of ASMI is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon

14:29 12.09.2019

Today Uzbekistan is on the world stage. Children of our nation are recognized worldwide with their knowledge and scientific potential. Alisher Akbarov, who is originally from Andijan, is the medical director of the Caromant Cardiological Hospital in the United States.
Alisher Akbarov, who is now recognized as one of the most skilled doctors in cardiac surgery in the world, with the aim of promoting international experience in cardiac surgery, sharing experiences with cardiac surgeons in Andijan and conducting master classes for undergraduate and graduate students, visited Andijan State Medical Institute, where he studied.

The American guest was warmly welcomed by the team of the Institute, headed by the rector of the Institute Madaminjon Madazimov, on the basis of Uzbek traditions. The first interview with former students of ASMI was focused on the history of the institute, the commemoration of honorable mentors and study process during student years.
Experienced cardiac surgeon Akbarov closely acquainted with the life of the institute. Initially, he participated in practical classes, conducted in the fully- equipped in 12 areas simulation training center and interacted with teachers and students. He was interested in the institute’s distance learning system, international relations in different areas and offered his suggestions.

During his visit, the American cardiac surgeon told the cardiologists, students and Master’s students about the activity of Caromant Cardiological Hospital of the United States of America and the tasks facing the world cardiac surgeons. The feedback from the world-renowned cardiac surgeon on Andijan and successes of  our country’s doctors has been welcomed by the team of ASMI and encouraged them to achieve new victories and success.

The visit of the medical director of the US Caromant Cardiological Hospital A.N. Akbarov to Uzbekistan continues.

Odiljon Karimov,

Press secretary of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova