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A reading event at the Academic Lyceum under Andijan State Medical Institute

16:58 20.12.2019

On the initiative of the department of Medical Chemistry of Andijan State Medical Institute there was hold a meeting on «Propaganda for reading» in the academic lyceum №1 under the institute.

Opening the event, deputy director of the Academic Lyceum No.1 of ASMI O.Aripjonov gave his recommendations on how students should be educated in such conditions and how to use these opportunities effectively and meaningfully.

Afterwards, professor of the Department of Medical Chemistry T.Inakov warmly congratulated the students on the forthcoming New Year holiday and shared his thoughts on reading books.

Speaking at the event, docent of the Department of Medical Chemistry Y. Kholboev spoke about the importance of book in the organization of students’ leisure, and fiction and scientific books were presented to the fund of the lyceum IRC on behalf of the department.

The event was attended by a teacher of the department, c.ph.s. U.Abdurahmonov, N.Razzokov, senior lecturer J.Mamajonov and M. Kh.Noibjonova also participated and spoke about the books they have read, and told the students that they should make good use of the conditions provided by their students. The event was full of lively discussions and debates.