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A reserve of beds equipped with oxygen supply systems is being created in medical institutions of Andijan.

09:44 29.07.2020

As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection, a reserve of 2 thousand additional beds is being created in medical institutions of Andijan.  They will be organized in both public and private clinics.  Work is already underway to equip the wards with oxygen supply systems.
The  meeting held by the khokim of the region Shukhrat Abdurakhmonov in the clinic of Andijan State Medical Institute was devoted to the discussion of this issue.
It should be noted that in September last year, the only mini-plant in the republic for the production of medical oxygen was launched in the clinic.  The plant with a project cost of 130 thousand euros was built within the framework of a joint project of the Ministry of Health and the GIZ «Management of advanced medical technologies in Uzbekistan».

-Today, many people infected with coronavirus infection have signs of pneumonia, – said the rector of the ASMI Madamin Madazimov.  “Therefore, providing spare beds with oxygen supply systems will increase the effectiveness of treatment.
The khokim of the region, taking over the supply of equipment for the oxygen shops, instructed entrepreneurs and heads of the institution to take measures to install the necessary communication systems.

-Today, our mini-plant supplies oxygen to 36 intensive care places, – said the chief physician of the ASMI clinic, Bakhodir Rakhmonov.  – If the necessary communication systems are installed, the number of places provided with oxygen can grow to 700.