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A roundtable discussion on "Preparing youth for family life"

15:37 03.05.2019

On May 3, 2019, a roundtable discussion was held in Andijan State Medical Institute on «Preparing youth for family life.» The event was opened and led by the pro-rector on work with youth P.Askhanov.

During the roundtable discussion, the Chairman of Asaka District Council of SDP “Adolat” and Deputy M.Karimova, spoke about the healthy environment in the family, the marriage contract, the preparation of teenagers for the family life, and the work carried out in this field by Asaka in the example of the district.

Senior specialist of Andijan branch of the Family Research Center Z. Kholbekova in her report highlighted the issues of family holiness, family values, education of girls and boys, preparation of young people to the family life, the work of innovation centers in Civil Registry Offices as well as about the causes and consequences of divorces among young people on the basis of vital examples.

B.Abdullaev, regional inspector of internal affairs of Andijan city also spoke about the scandals, unpleasant situations, and divorces among young families. She urged, first of all, young people to always show respect to their parents and teachers, have patience, and be able to take advantage of today’s opportunities.

The roundtable discussion was held in a transparent and interesting manner. Participants of the event received new information during the event and drew conclusions.