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A Roundtable discussion on "We are responsible for fighting against corruption

15:26 07.02.2019

      Corruption is a serious hurdle to progress and the development of society is a major threat to the growth of industries. Therefore, in our country, where the reforms are being undertaken in all spheres, great attention is being paid to strengthening the fight against this  flaw and to further strengthen the legal framework.
The event was attended by pro-rector on Academic Affairs A.Arzikulov, Head of marketing department A.Ziyaev, legal consultant of  ASMI T.Abduvaliev and employees of all departments.
On February 7, 2019  in Andijan State Medical Institute, was held an event on «All of us responsible for fighting against  corruption». The event was opened by pro-rector on Scientific Affairs  and Innovations G. Hodjimatov. The event was opened by pro-rector on scientific work and innovations G. Hodjimatov.

Afterwards, the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of the Institute, Sh.Dehkanov, the lawyer of the highest category, spoke about the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On Combating Corruption» of January 3, 2017, The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan about «On Combating Corruption», the Law  «On Measures to Implement Anti-Corruption Guidelines» №2752 and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

He also talked about some additions to the articles and urged the institute’s team to work honestly, and avoid corruption during their work.