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14:12 02.12.2019

A scientific and practical seminar dedicated to December 1 – “World AIDS Day” was held  with the participation of Employees of Andijan Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary, Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology, Microbiology, Immunology and Virology of Andijan State Medical Institute and Phthisiology Course of the faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining of Physicians.

Initially, the Deputy Chief Physician of Andijan Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary J.H. Khalilov announced the seminar open and briefed on the latest trends in HIV epidemiology in our region.
Later, docent of the department of Phthisiology V.V.Dadaboev informed the audience about the causes of AIDS, historical data, the fate of the infected people, the complex pathogenesis of the disease and conveyed it in a simple and fluent language.
Otakhonov made a presentation on the history and use of the red ribbon – a symbol of the patients suffering from this disease.
The student I.Jumabaev told in detail about the consequences of HIV infection in combination with tuberculosis and problems in diagnosis and specificity of treatment.

At the end of the event a video was shown on the theme » Be generous in giving love!» The conference was interesting and informative.