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Activity of the department of Monitoring the Quality Control

10:53 05.12.2018

On 15 October2018, according to the plan for 2018 of the department of Monitoring the Quality Control for the purpose of analyzing the teaching processes in the institute the order603-T of the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute was issued.
In accordance with the order, a working group of experienced specialists  visited all departments and educational directions.
According to the plan all educational directions and departments are visited. There are factors influencing the quality of education in the departments such as: executive discipline, students’ attitude, dress code, the status of the department, the level of preparation of students and professors for the lectures and practical trainings, the stateof postersin the department,the state of the regulatory documents of the department, analysis of records in the groups register, sanitation of the departments,  analyzing the records of completed subjects  and practical classes  studying.
The professors and teachers, students will have critically summarized and get  necessary instructions and recommendations.
In addition, to fulfill the orders from June 15, 2018, № PD-3775 and  № 20-October 10, 2018 of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education had been  studied  the personal plans of the professors and teachers.

The institute has planned a training seminar to ensure the execution, proper organization and execution of the order on 10 October, 2018No. 20-2018 of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of PD 3775 and.
The verification revealed faults and measures to eliminate them.
The Institute has planed a training seminar according to the Order of PD-№3775 No. 20-2018 on October 10, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education and to ensure the execution, to organize execute and accomplish the order properly.