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An event "Book is a Mirror of Mind" at school

14:54 03.02.2020

In order to implement 5 important initiatives, proposed by the President Sh.M.Mirziyoev an event on the theme «Book is a Mirror of Mind» was held at the school No.53 in Andijan District by the staff of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases of Andijan State Medical Institute.

At the event, lectures were given on the topics “Book is the closest interlocutor of a person”, “Book gives light to the spirit and soul”, “I learned to read, think and analyze”, “Book is education”, “Book elevates a person”.

The head of the department, associate professor R.N.Yuldashev told about the role of book in education and upbringing, the professor Odiljon Salokhiddinov explained with his life examples that spiritual perfection, intellectual potential, worldview, level of perfection can be achieved only by reading books.

During the event, talented students of the school read samples from poems of famous poets.

The event was concluded by the director of the school D.Rashidov. He said that the event made a great impression on the pupils and teachers of the school and wished that similar events would be held again.


Senior Lecturer, Department of PID, ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova