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10:03 19.12.2018

One of the priorities of the reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan is the further promotion of reading culture, encouragement of the younger generation to study. Therefore, the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan «Program of Complex Measures to Develop and Improve Publishing and distribution of book products, interest in reading books and reading culture » the wide range of these tasks was found.
On December 19, 2018 in the Andijan regional military section of National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held an event «BOOK – MIRROR OF THE INTELECT».

Chairman of the Veterans Council of Andijan State Medical Institute, professor of the department of «Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases» , Odiljon Salakhiddinov, the head of the department of «Youth Work, spirituality and enlightenment»  A.Abduxalimov, correspondent of the newspaper » Medical blossom» M.Atamirzayeva, militarians, teachers of the secondary schools and students of the institutes participated in the event
Professor O. Salohiddinov conducted a speech at the event dedicated to the «The month of Military Patriotism» and spoke about book and its spiritual meaning.
In addition, the professor provided the military library with books such as «Woman, Mother – great person» , «Wise parables and sayings », «For sons», » The soul of man is as gentle as a flower «.

Students of Pediatric Faculty of Andijan State Medical Institute M.Komilova, M.Sobirjonova, M.Nosirova and O.Isakjanov, delivered interesting lectures on «The role of book in the family», «The book teaches people how to live?», » How to become a distributor of enlightenment? »
This event, organized for the purpose of raising the spiritual-intellectual potential, consciousness and the world outlook , the love and devotion to Motherland and people, as well as their the reading culture of  the military servants, have made a great impression on everyone.