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Andijan State Medical Institute is in New Year cheer

08:52 18.12.2019

New Year Holiday is a fun time for everyone. These days, this holiday is celebrated in Uzbekistan, in the beautiful city of Andijan. The streets and alleys are covered with festive attire.

A large and beautiful Christmas tree in the city center attracts both young and old. The festively decorated streets and alleys cheer everyone. Celebration of such holiday with such worthy preparation and joy is a tradition of our people.

By tradition, preparations for the New Year holiday have already begun at Andijan State Medical Institute.

The colorful panels and lanterns of the Institute give everyone a great mood. People are thankful for the happy days and instill good intentions in their hearts.

New Year events have already begun in the faculties and departments. At the New Year events, enthusiastic teachers and professors dance with their talented students.

Christmas trees in the courtyard of the Institute, in the dormitory of the Institute, are decorated festively and pleasing to the eyes. Let the New Year bring good luck, happiness and new achievements to all!

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova