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Andijan State Medical Institute is on the way to further enhance the prestige of its authority

17:47 25.10.2019

A number of works are being carried out at Andijan State Medical Institute on the basis of Decree No.4391of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures to Introduce New Management Principles into the Higher and Secondary Special Education System” dated July 11, 2019 and the requirements of the “Webometrics” International Agency to improve the web-site. In the hall of the Academic Council of the Institute, a meeting was held devoted to these issues.

At the meeting, rector of ASMI M.M. Madazimov spoke about the need to increase the institute’s rating among national and international universities, improving the official web site according to the requirements of the international rating agency “Webometrics” and raising the quality of the planned work.

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations G. Khojimatov asked the Institute staff to register with Google Scholar (a search system for articles published in international scientific and technical databases), in the system for identifying international scientific authors ORSID, to place scientific articles with high indicators published according to the requirements of the international rating agency Webometrics over the past 5 years.

The participants of the meeting discussed issues of further increasing the scientific potential of the institute.