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17:37 25.10.2019

The rector of Andijan State Medical Institute, Professor M.M. Madazimov, held an open dialogue with students of the 5th year of Pediatric faculty. The meeting was attended by the Dean of Pediatric Faculty A.A. Gafurov and responsible members of the faculty. At first, the rector was interested in the mood of students, their attitude to the educational process.

Then he acquainted the students with changes in the educational process, news. In particular, about new e-books purchased for the implementation of electronic education, as well as acquainted with international news in the medical field. During the conversation, the rector especially dwelled on the clothing culture of students at the medical institute.

In his speech, the rector of the institute spoke about the traditions and internal rules of the institute. He talked about the need to be active in achieving good learning outcomes. He especially and proudly noted the achievements of some students who use all the opportunities created at the institute. Students expressed gratitude to the rector of the institute for his sincere wishes.