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Appeal of professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute to the population and medical workers of our country.

12:39 20.07.2020

Dear compatriots!
Today, there is no need to say that the Uzbek people are tolerant, generous, courageous and enterprising.  The peoples of the world have once again recognized the unity and perseverance of the Uzbek people in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.  Our people are showing their strength in the fight against the pandemic, which is weakening even the world’s major powers.
Under the leadership of our government and personally  President Shavkat Miromonovich, our people are working together in the fight against coronavirus.  In each of his speeches, the head of our state puts forward new proposals and initiatives to combat the pandemic.  In his recent speech, he focused on this issue and stressed the need to use the most powerful, most effective means to adapt to the current pandemic conditions.  Our President said:
– In this struggle, the public and private medical system, the constant mobilization and effective work of all agencies, the dedication of doctors, the consciousness of our people must be our main weapon.  Only with rapid and regular mobilization, iron discipline, medical culture, high awareness we can fight this adversity.
In response to this call of the head of our state, we – professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute  will go as volunteers in the context of the coronavirus pandemic to all urban districts of the region to provide the necessary medical care to the population!  According to our medical oath, none of us has the right to «watch» in this situation when the people need the help of doctors!
Dear colleagues who have chosen the profession of devotion – doctors, nurses, professors and teachers of medical universities! We call on all of you to be with the people in pandemic!
We call on our self-sacrificing people to stay in their homes in accordance with the quarantine requirements!  We are with you!  Uzbek people will defeat the caronavirus together!  We will pass each trial together with victory!