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At the clinic of ASMI the operations are performed on cardiac and cardiovascular diseases

17:47 17.04.2019

A group of experienced specialists,  headed by the director of the Republican Specialized Center of Surgery named after V.Vokhidov the academician F.G. Nazirov, doctor of medical sciences, professor F.B.Bakhriddinov and U.A. Muratov visited the clinic of  Andijan State Medical Institute.                     On the same day, the specialists visited the Department of General Surgery and 2-nd Department of Surgery of the Clinic of ASMI where they talked to the patients and gave their recommendations and advices.

In addition, they have been involved in operating the patients and young children    who need social protection who have been unable to attend the republic medical centers for a long time with complicated cardiac and arthritic diseases.

The operation has  perfomed by the academician F.Nazarov, F.Bakhriddinov, U.Muratov and the head of the  2nd– department of General Surgery of the clinic of  ASMI, candidate of medical sciences, docent S.Z. Salohiddinov, the head of the  department, doctor of medical sciences, A.L.Kosimov, doctor of medical sciences, professor B.Kh.Matkarimov, candidate of medical sciences, assistant  A.Sh.Turgunov.         The operations on cardiac and cardiovascular diseases are performed successfully.