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  Attention! News in Higher Education system!

11:32 15.06.2019

The Commission on the reform of the higher education system started to operate
         A commission consisting of representatives of Presidential Administration headed by Inspectorate for quality of education under the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications Development, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, The Ministry of Innovative Development, the Central Council of the Youth Union, Turin Polytechnic University, Westminster International University, Singapore Management Development University commenced its work on continuously analyzing the activities of higher education institutions and providing practical assistance in solving existing problems.
This commission, along with analyzing the activities of four higher education institutions located in Andijan region, is also meeting with employers in the region, studying their demands and suggestions. In particular, on July 12, 2019 there was held a meeting between a working group led by Ulugbek Tashkenbaev, head of the inspection at Asaka automobile plant named after Islam Karimov and the delegation led by Keyl Wagner, the head of the American Councils for International Education in Uzbekistan.
Kale Wagner said that at the moment it is necessary to organize the practical training of students of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute directly at the GM Uzbekistan factory in order to systematically acquaint students with the production processes at the factory, also he gave information about the start of practical work on projects for the development of science and industry through the creation of the Three Partnerships between GM Uzbekistan,  Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent and  Andijan Machine-Building Institute.         At the same time, he has confirmed that higher education institutions are developing training programs for teaching staff at US universities and related industries.
   The organizational structure of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education has been approved.
In Uzbekistan a number of higher education institutions are transferred to self-financing system.
The Regulation on the procedure of ranking of higher education institutions has been approved in Uzbekistan
         By the decision of the Government, the Regulation on the order of ranking of higher education institutions was approved. This is reported by the Ministry of Justice.
According to the Regulation, the ranking of higher education institutions is determined by the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education.
Information on the rating will be provided by the ministries and agencies until February 1.
Every year in May – June, the inspectorate conducts the following:
testing of knowledge of professors and teachers on foreign language and information-communication technologies;
carrying out examinations to determine students’ knowledge on specialties and  survey to study the quality of education.
The results of the rating will be annually published on the Inspectorate’s website no later than the beginning of the next academic year.
This year, five universities will accept documents through public service centers.
 According to the decision of the State Acceptance Commission, it was decided that the documents for 5 HEIs in Uzbekistan could be accepted through public service centers in all cities and districts. These are:

  1. Tashkent State University of Law
  2. Karakalpak State University
  3. Gulistan State University
  4. Ferghana State University
  5. Samarkand State University

It should be noted that this year, the possibility of submitting documents for all HEIs through the Public Service Centers, entrants are not required to go to the Higher Education Institution and that they can apply in their own district have already been announced.
For information, nowadays there are about 201 such centers in each district of the country, and more than 50 offices of Public Service Centers for residents of distant regions.
Only two documents are required to submit a PSC:
– civil passport (birth certificate for minors);
– Certificate of completion of general secondary education (on the basis of the 11th grade) or secondary special, vocational education (with appendix).
Applicants with privileges should present a document certifying the right of concession.
The test fee was reduced. Applicants will no longer hand over documents on the territory of university.