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Attention, the project "I have a question to the rector"!

16:41 24.01.2020

Rector of Andijan State Medical Institute, Professor M.M.Madazimov has been holding meetings with students since the first days of the 2019/2020 academic year to determine the attitude of the students to the reforms being carried out at the Institute and to communicate with students. As part of the meetings, the project «I have a question to the rector» is being implemented. Students may apply to the rector of the Institute or other leaders of the institution in oral or written form with their questions.
Answers to the questions will be given at the meetings or summarized in subsequent meetings of the rector of the institute or on the basis of the interview on the website of the institute.
Dear students, take an active part in the project «I have a question to the rector» and get detailed answers from the rector of the Institute!

Information service of ASMI

 Translated by N.Mamatova