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13:03 23.04.2019

Dear students, among the higher education institutions, the republican competition for the nominations «The best poster» and «The best article» was announced on «We are against corruption».
The competition will be held in three stages.
1st stage will be held among the students of higher education institutions first ten days of May of this year, and the 2nd stage will be held among the winners of higher education institutions in the first ten days of May, and the 3rd stage will be held in the third decade of October and among the winners of the higher educational institutions in the republic.
The winners of the Republican stage will be encouraged with diplomas of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.
1st place – 2 000 000 (two million sums)
2nd place – 1 500 000 (one million five hundred sums)
3rd place – 1 000 000 (one million sums)
Also, the best works of the students will be introduced in the newspapers and magazines of higher education institutions.
The winners will be awarded with special diplomas and valuable prizes.
For more information about the competition you can contact with the department of Spirituality and enlightenment, Youth Affairs of ASMI or with the newspaper «Tibbiyot gulshani».