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Information Resource Center of Andijan State Medical Institute (ASMI)

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Axmedova Muxtaramxon Sanjarovna
director of the resource center
Email:                     agmi-361@rambler.ru
Telefon:                 (0374)-237- 01-62

Informational resource center

The library of Andijan State Medical Institute was formed in 1955. At first, it was an old library, containing only 4 little rooms. A fund of book contained 10-15 thousand literatures, which were sent by Russian medical institutes.

In 1955-1965 years A.K.Kaunbayev, in 1965-1969 years l.N.Illek, in 1969-1981 years N.I.Eletskaya, in 1981-1987 years I.R.Maynakskaya were the head of the library, since 1988 M.Ahmedova  is the head of the library.

Date of foundation: 1955
Director: Ahmedova Mukhtaram Sanjarovna
The IRC has 22 employees.
Book fund: total – 279411
Scientific publications – 62508 copies 24276 names
Textbooks – 91244 copies 448 names
Training manuals – 48949 copies, 547 names
Foreign Literature – 797 copies 114 names
Fiction – 31956 copies 5567 names
Other Publications – 43957 copies 11777 names
Electronic literature – 249,349 names
  1. Readers – 8541
  2. Reader’s attendance – ( 1 month) 26,220 for (9 months) 235,985
  3. Lending of books – ( 1 month) 56.385 for (9 months) 507.468

ASMI library was transformed into Information al Resource Center in accordance with Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 381 of June 20, 2006 “On organization of information and library provision of the population of the Republic”.

The Information Resource Center consists of 5 departments:

  1. Scientific-methodical information and periodicals department
  2. Department of compilation, cataloging and systematization of information al resources.
  3. Information and library service department (including subscription service, reading rooms and book storage)
  4. Electronic information resources department
  5. Department of Foreign Libraries Resources

 IRC affiliates: 2 in Marhamat district, 3 in Shakhrikhan district.

The ASMI website includes the “Electronic Library” section of the IRC.

In the Information Resource Center, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On information and library activities”, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 23, 2011 “On measures to improve the quality of information and library and information resource centers on the basis of information and communication technologies for 2011-2015” 1487 dated February 24, 2011 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Information, “On further development work on the basis of the order of 56.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On e-Government” of November 18 2015 in order to implement the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Establishment of the Center for Electronic Education in Educational Institutions” of January 11 2016 interactive services on the basis of information technologies. In this regard, distance electronic information exchange between the departments of the Institute and IRC has begun.

Novelity of  Information Resource Center:

 There are THOMSON REUTERS WEB SCIENCE.COM and EBSCO in the IRC for professors, residents of master’s Degree depatement, clinical interns and students.

This year, 13 gigabytes and 1.25 gigabytes of new information resources on 259 routes have been received and put into the electronic reading room.


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Содержимое спойлера

Head of the Master’s Degree Department, docent

Tursunov Botirjon Kodirovich

Email:        adti_magistratura@umail.uz
phone:       +998934111100
     The Master’s Degree Department of Andijan State Medical Institute was established in 2001 on the initiative of the rector of the Institute, Professor M.A. Khujamberdiev. At that time, five specialties were opened: obstetrics and gynecology, therapy, cardiology, pediatrics and 16 students were trained in these specialties.  Professors: M.A. Khujamberdiev, T.K. Mukhitdinova, D.B. Asrankulova, Z.S. Salohiddinov, K.D. Djalolov, F.Nishonov, A. Urinov, H.T. Musashaykhov, G.M. Khodjimatov, I.I. Alimdjanov, A.Sh. Arzikulov, O.S. Tashbaev participated organization of the educational process in these specialties. At the post of the head of the department worked:Professor K.T. Khudaiberdiev, Associate Professor U.M. Karabaev, Professor A.Sh.Arzikulov, Professor A.I. Khatamov, Associate Professor Sh.Kh. Khamrakulov, Associate Professor B.Yu.Mamatov, Associate Professor H.M.Mamadiev.
For the first time, K.T. Khudoiberdiev was appointed as the head of the department and thanks to his active work, the number of specialists increased annually.
    By 2005, the number of specialties had reached 13, including psychiatry, infectious diseases, pediatric surgery, general oncology, neurosurgery, hematology and transfusiology, dermatovenereology, otorhinolaryngology.
During this period, Professor K. Mirzaev and M. Tolipov worked  in the department and Nowadays M.L. Agranovsky, A.G.Gafurov, K.T. Khudoiberdiev, K.Soliev, Sh.A. Khamidov, A.Pakirdinov, S.Ibragimov, A.I.Alimov, K.K. Kasimov, docents: M. Yulchibaev, Yu. Tukhtasinov, A.K. Kurbonov, N.A. Akbarov, B. Rakhimov, B. Mirzakirimov, M.K. Sultankulova, D.Z. Mamarasulova, N.Yu. Mirzayuldashev, N.E. Yulasheva, F.Sh. Khamidov, K.P.Norboev, O.S.Yuldasheva, X.N.Nigmatshaeva, S.E.Djumabaeva, M.A. Djuraeva, D.Soliev, N.R. Uzbekova, M.Tojibeeva, G.Kodirova, I.Toshtemirova, M.E. Abdulaeva, M.Sh. Ganieva, A.Ganiev, N.E. Bozorov, A.K. Botirov, D.Ten, A.L. Kosimov, X. Khamdamov continue their work.  On the initiative of the rector of the Institute, Professor A. Shadmanov, in 2010 the number of specialties reached 21, new directions: neurology, urology, morphology, normal and pathological physiology, ophthalmology, pediatric neurology and narcology were opened.
    Currently, the Institute conducts training in 25 professions. More than 60 professors and doctors of sciences, associate professors and candidates of sciences work in the process of master’s training.Since then, a lot of positive work was done to improve the quality of education in the magistracy.
     It should be noted that in 2005 the student of Master’s Degree Department on pediatric surgery Sherzod Akhmedov, in 2005 the student of obstetrics and gynecology Nodira Mamazhanova, in 2007 Muzaffar Nasirov on surgery, in 2013 Zikrullo Ulmasov on neurology, in 2014 Yaho Ziyayev on oncology were holders of the scholarship The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    Currently, 5 of more than 700 graduates of the master’s degree have defended the candidate’s thesis, 95 are assistants in the departments of the institute. In recent years, the specialists of the departments of the Institute have raised scientific contacts to a higher level, as a result of which the exchange of experience with the leading scientific institutions of the republic and foreign countries was widely established. Our students also went to these centers to study and introduce new innovative educational and medical technologies.
    For example, Zulhumor Kholdarova on the speciality of “General oncology” in Russian Cancer Research Center. N.Blokhin, on neurosurgery Erkin Khaidarov in Kirov State Medical Academy,Abbas Mamadaliyev in Donetsk National Medical University, Saydalikhon Khakimov in the Kazan Medical University with a degree in General Oncology, Khayot Kosimov at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education specializing in Otolaryngology, Kudrat Tursunov and Akram Hakimov, specializing in Traumatology and Orthopedics, are in Tashkent Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Mavluda Turgunova in Republican Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery, specializing in Neurosurgery, Guzal Soipova specializing in Methods of Instrumental and Functional Research at the Department of Functional Diagnostics of Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical Education and Umida Ganieva is a student at Medical University of Nagoya, Japan with a degree in pediatric cardiology and rheumatology.

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        The personnel department is one of the earliest departments, which began its activity in 1955. Initially, the head of the personnel department was R.K.Holikova, who held this position until 1958.

      The post of head of the personnel department occupied: from 1958 to 1974. – S.T.Teslenka, from 1974 to 1980 – A.N. Zelenkov, from 1980 to 1996 – K.A. Mamadalieva, from 1996 to 2005 – N.I.Gofurova, from 2005 to 2008 – M. Y. Soliyev. From 2008 to the present day, the personnel department has been successfully headed by D.A.Nazarov.

Nazarova Dildorakhon Alikhanovna
The Head of Personnel Department
Phone: 223-94-71

There are 4 employees at the department: engineers of personnel – N.T.Umarova, M.Sadikova, inspectors O.A.Turdieva, V.N.Mirzakhmatova – held an advanced service in order to recruitment to the higher education institution, keeping records legal and regulatory documents.

Sadikova Muazzamkhan Tursunovna
engineer of Personnel Department

Umarova Nasiba Tadjidinovna
engineer of the Personnel Department

Turdieva Oyjamol Aysaevna
Inspector of Personnel Department

Mirzaxmatova Vasilaxon Ne’matovna
Inspector of Personnel Department

The tasks of the department:


Organization of activities and employment of employees;

Drawing up work plans and ensuring their execution;

Monitoring and ensuring the execution of orders, modemograms and telephone messages of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education;

Registration of recruitment and dismissal of all employees of the rector’s nomenclature of the institute, as well as preparation of documents for approval to the nomenclature of higher authorities;

Conducting control by purpose and the correct distribution of states in the departments and departments of the institute.

Explain the basic labor laws to employees;

To maintain control over labor discipline in all departments of the institute;

Develop statements, notifications for registration, and also to introduce clarity at the subsequent registration;

Systematically check the time sheet of the faculty, managerial staff and the training and support department and stop attempts to mark absent employees in the time sheets;

Keep records of work records, personal forms, as well as check draft orders intended for signature to the rector;

To be a member of the commission for the adoption, dismissal and registration of the faculty and administrative staff;

To keep records of personnel cards of the T-2 form of the faculty and staff, their design, monitor the leave of employees on leave according to the established approved list, work with the reserve personnel, provide annual and monthly reports and provide it within certain terms;

Preparation and submission of reports on the activities of the personnel department to labor bodies and higher organizations;

To carry out the selection of gifted young masters for work, to introduce them into the personnel reserve, and also to recommend their candidature to the rector.

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Qaxxorova Maxpura Mirzajonovna-head of Department for Work with the Chancellery and Archives

Email: agmi-361@rambler.ru

Phone: (0374)-223-94-60

Mobile phone: +998934466411


The department of chancellery and archive was founded in 1955 and A.S.Raskova began to work as a head of the department. From 1958 till 1961 V.K.Okolelova, from 1961 till 1973 Z.P.Bikmetova, from 1973 till 1975 Sh.Karimov, from 1975 till 1984  К.А.Mamadalieva, from 1984 till 1985 L.I.Simanova, from 1985 till 2001 V.A.Rakhimova  worked as  head of the department.

From 2001 up to present M.M.Kaharova has been working as a head of the department of chancellery and archive. The department consists of 7 staff members: the head of the archive N.Kaharova,  the archivist N.Madumarova, the clerk D.Ruzimatova, the controller G.Saitkulova, the controller O.Nazarova, the courier I.Kosimova.



1.  Yu.Otabekov str., Andijan city                                           A.Fitrat str.

The department of chancellery and archive is considered to be responsible for clerical work of the whole institute. The department is under the direct guidance of the rector of the institute and provides timely delivery and fulfillment of assignments according to the obtained mail. Clerical and documentary work in component departments of ASMI as well as control over their fulfillment is carried out strictly according to the ISTRUCTION.

The instruction is compiled on the basis of requirements of the following documents:

The state Law № 378 of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued in December 3, 2014 «On addressing of natural and legal persons»;

12-Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued in January 12, 1999 «On measures for strengthening the discipline of fulfillment»;

140- Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued in March 29,1999  «On clerical work in state ranking  and governmental apparatus of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as confirmation of normative documents on organization of the control over fulfillment »;

The procedure of work organization with documentation in Ministries, state committees, offices, economic associations as well as the procedure of carrying  monitoring of the discipline of fulfillment. (The procedure is confirmed by the Chief Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan in August 28, 2009).

The legal basis for documentary elaboration are the followings:

  1. Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  2. Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  3. Protocols of the assignments of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  4. Assignments of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan written and oral;
  5. Assignments of secretariat of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  6. Assignments of state counselors of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  7. Resolutions of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  8. Decrees of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  9. Meetings protocols of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Permanent monitoring of acting fulfillment is established and clerical work is carried out on the basis of documents, indicated in the instruction.

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