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17:46 28.01.2020

On January 26, 2020, the great mentor, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Department of Medical Biology and Histology of Tashkent State Dental Institute Akram Yuldashevich Yuldashev passed away at the age of 75.
A.Yu. Yuldashev’s contributions to science were highly appreciated by the rector of our institute M.M. Madazimov. In 2019, he was awarded the title of «Honorary Professor».
Under the guidance of the mentor, a large scientific work has been done at the Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy. In particular, on the basis of the mega-project “Treatment and Prevention of the Influence of Factors of a Dysfunctional Environment on the Children’s Body and the Production of Dairy Products Based on the Local IRID Probiotic,” 3 PhD theses and 1 Master’s thesis were defended.
On behalf of all the students of the mentor, the leadership of Andijan State Medical Institute, the head of the Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy Z. Kakhkharov expresses condolences to the family members and the staff of Tashkent State Dental Institute.
His memory will live in our hearts.