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14:56 30.06.2020

My dear sons and daughters!
It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate all of you on a wonderful holiday that occupies an important place in the life of our country – Youth Day, to express my respect and best wishes to you.
We are all happy that today the role and participation of our wonderful youth in the implementation of socio-political and economic reforms aimed at building a new Uzbekistan is growing.
Millions of young men and women are selflessly working in all spheres and industries, and they are honorably fulfilling their duty to defend the Homeland. Hundreds of young compatriots with an active political and civic position work in the country’s parliament and local councils of people’s deputies, in senior positions in government, economic administration and local authorities.
Almost 227 thousand young entrepreneurs and farmers, skilled craftsmen make a significant contribution to the development of the national economy. The country creates the necessary conditions for their full support.
Speaking about this, it should be noted that only within the framework of the “Youth is Our Future” program, over 1 trillion 635 billion soums were allocated for the implementation of 7775 business projects of young entrepreneurs, and about 40 thousand new jobs were created on this basis.
Thanks to such attention and care on the ground, 27 coworking centers “Young Entrepreneurs” and 157 “Youth Work Centers” were commissioned. It is noteworthy that in these complexes more than 2200 young men and women have already begun their entrepreneurial activities.
Along with this, in the framework of the project “To every young peasant – allotment of land” in all regions, more than 54,232 hectares of land were allocated to 65 thousand young farmers.
As a result of such important measures, over 560,200 young citizens have been provided with work in the last three years.
This year, the coronavirus pandemic, as well as natural and technological disasters in the Bukhara and Syrdarya regions, have become a serious test for our people, including young people. In these difficult conditions, thousands of young men and women showed real courage and steadfastness, setting an example to all their peers.
Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the majority of participants in the nationwide movement “Kindness and Support” organized in the country are young people, and 4,500 members of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan continue to actively work on its basis on a voluntary basis.
In order to provide assistance and support to flood victims as a result of breaking the dam of the Sardoba reservoir, a humanitarian caravan of the Youth Union was organized. Clothing, sanitation and food products, as well as a large number of educational supplies, sports equipment, and fiction, were delivered to the population.
Confirmation that such high qualities as patriotism and nobleness are inherent in our youth are also their good deeds in the districts of Bukhara region that suffered from the severe hurricane Alat and Karakul.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the youth of Uzbekistan – to the brave and courageous servicemen of the Armed Forces, dedicated doctors, skillful builders, young entrepreneurs, representatives of science, culture and sports, activists of the Youth Union for the fact that they really became a support and during difficult days of trials support for the people.
Our Motherland, our people will always be proud of you, our worthy sons and daughters!
Dear friends!
It is no secret to anyone that today a comprehensive mastery of modern sciences and high technologies is a decisive condition for the development of any state and society. Proceeding from this, we direct all our strengths and capabilities to the education of a harmoniously developed, physically healthy and spiritually mature young generation.
To this end, specialized schools named after our great scientists and thinkers, the Youth Academy under the Ministry of Innovative Development, the “Factory of Projects” in the city of Fergana have been established, and programs are being implemented to create Presidential and creative schools.
To support talented youth, the creation of youth technology parks in each region has begun. A competition of applied and innovative projects “Young scientists” has been announced, the total cost of which exceeds 30 billion soums.
Despite quarantine, for more than 6 million schoolchildren, 468 thousand students were provided with timely and high-quality training in accordance with the curriculum. Within the framework of the “Online-maktab” project, over 4 thousand television classes were organized in 17 subjects. Highly qualified teachers were involved in this process, including master classes conducted by foreign specialists working in the Presidential School of Tashkent. Particular attention was paid to the education of children with disabilities, the lessons were accompanied by explanations of signatures and sign language interpreters.
This experience of Uzbekistan has been recognized by international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, and the World Bank.
In today’s rapidly changing, difficult time, in the face of increasing global competition, the need for personnel with high intellectual potential is growing more than ever. In this regard, on the basis of important and responsible tasks, we are implementing fundamental reforms in the country’s higher education system.
So, in the past three years, the number of higher education institutions in the republic has increased by 60 percent and now amounts to 116. It is noteworthy that among them there are branches of leading foreign universities. In the country, quotas for admission to universities are gradually growing. In the 2016-2017 academic year, this figure was 58 thousand students, and this year it is already 150 thousand. This means that 25 percent of graduates of schools this year will have the opportunity to continue their education in higher education, while in 2017 this indicator was only 9 percent.
The focus remains on the support of young families, which are an important factor in preserving the nation’s gene pool. In the past three years, 2668 young families have been paid an initial installment of loans for the purchase of housing with the condition of interest-free payment for 20 years, a total of 121 billion 244 million soums were allocated for this.
Today we are all witnessing how quickly and dramatically the world is changing. Along with the positive processes taking place in society, unfortunately, challenges aimed at mastering the soul and consciousness of the younger generation are becoming increasingly threatening.
In this difficult environment, the most urgent task remains to protect our young generation, our children from the negative impact of various destructive forces and currents.
We will sequentially continue the large-scale work we have begun to educate young people in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, adherence to the ideas of independence, to realize talents and abilities, good aspirations of young men and women.
To this end, in all regions and districts, cities and villages of the country, new educational institutions, objects of culture and art, sports facilities intended primarily for young people are being erected.
The magnificent complex Victory Park, the Museum of Glory, the Museum of the History of Tashkent, the beautiful Avenue of Writers created in the capital will undoubtedly serve to educate the younger generation in the spirit of national and universal values.
For the physical and spiritual development of youth, in the framework of five important initiatives, stadiums, swimming pools, sports complexes and sports palaces are being built everywhere. The main thing is that among our youth there are more and more boys and girls who regularly go in for sports, whose goal is a healthy lifestyle.
Dear compatriots!
Today, a new generation is being formed in our country, capable of adequately continuing the enormous work we have begun to build a free, prosperous life in our native Uzbekistan.
Dear boys and girls, never forget that our people, our Motherland, expect great things from you.
The greatest happiness in the world is to fully justify such a high trust, to be worthy of it. And may such happiness, such honor and responsibility become your destiny, the main goal and meaning of your whole life!
Once again, I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday – Youth Day, I wish you all good health, new successes and good luck.
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan