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Cooperation between Andijan State Medical Institute and schools continues

12:21 21.12.2019

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan pays special attention to the upbringing and education of young people. At the videoselektr meeting, held by the head of our state “On measures to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism and enhance the role of teachers  in the community”, he outlined a number of objectives to improve the effectiveness of education. To ensure their implementation collaboration of Andijan State Medical Institute with secondary schools is being further strengthened.

The professors and teachers of the institute visit the schools and communicate with students, provide scientific and methodological support to the teachers. Information technology is used effectively in the partnerships. It should be noted that online lectures are being organized as well.

In particular, the Head of the Department of Medical Chemistry of Andijan State Medical Institute, docent Yu.Kh. Holbayev held an online videolecture for students of schools 1 and 54 in Andijan district on “The theory of electrolytic dissociation”.

It was very interesting and effective for the schoolchildren to connect by online with Andijan State Medical Institute in their classrooms and to learn from the professors and teachers of the institute. Pupils were actively involved in the online lesson, they asked their questions from docent Yu.Kholbaev and received detailed answers. The cooperation between Andijan State Medical Institute and schools will continue in the future.

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova