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Dear Parents!

14:36 07.07.2020

        Do not let yourself be deceived by scammers who promise to help your son or daughter to become enrolled in institute when your child is about to graduate!
We will not hide the fact that nowadays more and more bribe takers try to deceive people. They will never be tired of gaining your trust and tricking you into taking your money. Unfortunately, there are still people among us who say that «you can take a test or a creative exam for a bribe.» The administration of Andijan State Medical Institute has taken and continues to take a number of measures to ensure transparency in the admission process and eliminate access to education through bribery.
Dear Parents!
Let us not forget that together we are responsible for the future of our youth – the future of our country. Today, the fight against corruption is conducted in all areas of our society. Do not think that a student who fraudulently enters college will become a good specialist in the future. Remember that taking and giving bribes is a crime. Contribute to the elimination of this evil, which corrodes society and the state!

M.M. Madazimov,

Rector of Andijan State Medical Institute