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17:53 28.06.2019

On June 28, 2019 the Youth Center in Andijan hosted the professors and teachers of Andijan State Medical Institute, graduate students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, their parents, relatives and guests.

A solemn event was organized in the festively decorated celebration hall of the Center. The rector of the institute M.Madazimov opened the event and congratulated all the graduates with unforgettable and happy day. Then the national anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was sounded.

The khakim of the region, senator Sh.Abdurahmonov also attended the event and expressed his sincere wishes to the graduates.

After that, docent B.Abdullajonov read the order concerning the graduates of the faculties of therapeutic, pediatric, dentistry, professional education, higher nursing and Master’s degree specialties.

The khakim of the region, Sh.Abdurahmonov and the rector of the institute, M.Madazimov, solemnly handed diplomas and «Masters Diplomas» to the graduates.

Future doctors, before embarking on their responsible and honorable duties before them, took the “oath of the doctors of the Republic of Uzbekistan” to work conscientiously and actively participate in the work of public health.

At the solemn ceremony, the head of the 1st department of Preparing General Practitioners, professor Z. Salohiddinov, one of the parents Sh.Karimova expressed their deepest wishes to the graduates. The graduates A.Rustamjonov, G.Inamova sent their sincere greetings to their peers.

Graduation party turned into a big celebration. Excitement and joy on the faces of young people and parents passed on to all fellow villagers. Joyful music and singing sounded, graduates danced with pleasure.

This day, full of joyful and delightful moments, was captured in the hearts of all graduates.