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Elections and Youth

12:52 21.11.2019

Everyone knows that December 22 of this year is the day of elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and local councils. For elections to be held at a high level, voters must have the necessary legal knowledge. Therefore, attention should be paid to improving the legal knowledge of voters, especially young voters.

In this regard, a round table discussion on the topic “Elections and Youth” was held in the conference hall of Andijan State Medical Institute. Kamoliddin Amanov, head of the human rights protection department of the Justice Department of Andijan region, Umidjon Khakimov, head of the legal propaganda department of this department and Lazizbek Madumarov, senior investigator of the organized crime and corruption fight department of the regional prosecutor’s office, took part in it. The conversation at the round table was opened by the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs Abdupatto Askhanov. In his speech, he spoke about the role of elections in society, the rights to participate in elections.

Speaking experts gave information about the elections, election legislation, preparation for the elections, the rights and obligations of voters.

The senior investigator of the regional prosecutor’s office, L. Madumarov, spoke on the topic “We are against corruption.” He dwelled on the types of crimes, including types of corruption, and anti-corruption measures being taken in our country.

The senior teachers of the Department of General and Social Hygiene Hilolahon Sapiohunova, Sohibahon Kholmirzaeva, Gulnorakhon Usmonova and students of Preventive Medicine direction took part in the open dialogue. During the conversation, participants received answers from experts to questions of interest to them.

Translated by N.Mamatova