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Episodes from the life of the clinic of Andijan State Medical Institute: Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

13:54 06.01.2021

2021 – “The Year of Youth Support and Health Promotion”

 The clinic of Andijan State Medical Institute provides high-quality medical care not only to the population of Andijan region, but also to the entire Fergana Valley. Each department of the clinic has its own history.
The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Andijan State Medical Institute was established in 2001. To do this, the hall of the intensive care unit was renovated and adapted for cardiac resuscitation.

The operating room 1 of the operating room was renovated and all the necessary conditions for heart operations were created. The following devices like VD-89 artificial circulatory system, SKA and gas analyzer AVL-77 were installed and open heart surgeries were started.
2 cardiac surgeons, 1 perfusionist, 3 cardio-anesthesiologists and 1 specialist in functional diagnostics on echocardiography were trained first at the Republican Specialized Scientific and Surgical Center named after Academician V.V. Vakhidov, then at the Novosibirsk Institute of Circulatory System Pathology named after Meshalkin of the Russian Federation, as well as at the 7- cardiac surgery Department of the Silesian University of Katowice, Poland.

By 2015, 1 employee was trained in the specialization of endovascular surgery at the Republican Specialized Scientific and Surgical Center named after Academician V.V. Vakhidov and 2 employees were trained in the specialization of cardiac surgery at the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N. Bakulev. In 2019, one doctor completed advanced training at the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Chonnam Medical Academy in Guwanju City, South Korea.
From 2002 to the present day, operations to eliminate congenital and acquired heart defects have been regularly performed in the Department of Cardiac Surgery. To date, over 3000 patients have been operated on. In 2020 alone, 128 heart operations were performed. These are congenital heart defects in children (intergastric wall defects, interlobar wall defects, tetrad of Fallot), as well as mitral and aortic valve replacement. For the first time, the department underwent coronary artery bypass grafting.

In 2021, the “Angiograph” apparatus will be installed at the clinic of ASMI, the material and technical base will be improved, as a result of which it will be possible to carry out such operations as additional stent placement during coronary operations, angioplasty of the vessels after myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass grafting, palliative and radical minimally invasive endovascular surgeries in children with congenital heart defects, elimination of arrhythmias by the endovascular route and the installation of a pacemaker, angioplasty and stenting of peripheral vessels, operations on the cerebral vessels.
There will be opportunities to perform over 1000 heart operations. According to the initiative of our President, the year 2021 is named as “The Year of Youth Support and Health Promotion”.

This makes us even more responsible. I believe that the doctors of our clinic will continue to work fruitfully for the benefit of improving the health of the population in 2021.


Chief physician of ASMI clinic