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08:45 31.03.2021

A book is a close friend, dear companion, a beacon that illuminates our future paths … With a book, a person matures. Everyone chooses a book based on their interests. Our institute has all the opportunities for students.

“- Today, our library has 222685 copies of books in 27173 titles,” says Mukhtaram Ahmedova, director of the IRC. “It is gratifying that in the 1st quarter of 2021, 1432 copies of 166 titles of new literature were brought. We provided our students with 4 textbooks, 3 scientific, 148 fiction, 10 political and other books in Uzbek, Russian and foreign languages. We hosted an exhibition of fiction yesterday. I was very glad to see our book-loving youth there.

We found it permissible to convey one more piece of news to book lovers. The “Week of Reading” is starting. Take an active part in it!