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Thanksgiving is in hearts

15:39 07.10.2019

Our country is in peace and the sky is clear. From the early morning, everyone is in a hurry- someone to the wedding, others to their place of work, the youth – to their favorite educational institution – the sense of thanksgiving is in the hearts of every compatriot. As we watched the traditional Thanksgiving event at Andijan State Medical Institute at the beginning of the week, the above thoughts went through our mind.
At the beginning of the morning ritual – Thanksgiving event, held at the Institute’s main building – the psychologist Utkirbek Arzikulov held an interview to know about students’ mood and adapt them to their learning process.

After that, the teacher of Foreign Languages Department, Ahmadjon Abdullaev, spoke at the event and noted that peace and welfare are the basis of creative works and reforms in our country. A.Abdullaev commented on the fact that the forces seeking to disrupt peace do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of malice, and stressed the need to analyze and ponder over any comments on the Internet today. He stressed the fact that not all information, not all news is true, that the difference between false and reliable information depends on our knowledge and worldview.

Then the speech was given to the teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages Shyerzodbek Numanov. Speaking at the Thanksgiving event, he introduced students to the ongoing reforms in the education system.

News, sincere wishes left the seed of kindness and goodness and filled hearts with gratitude. We believe the week of Thanksgiving will be meaningful and productive.