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The institute pays great attention to the employment of women

16:07 29.04.2019

On April 29, 2019, in order to fulfill the 5 initiative launched by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to improve youth’s spirituality and organize their leisure time, a joint event was held at Andijan State Medical Institute with participation of the staff of Therapeutic  faculty and the Personnel department.

The event was opened by the dean of Therapeutic faculty B. Mamatov. He congratulated the women recruited, spoke about the responsibility of the work ahead and the functions of every woman. Then, docent B.Mamatov and the head of the Personnel department D.Nazarova solemnly handed over the employment record book of M.Uralova, D.Razakova, D.Sidikova, admitted to the Department of Faculty Pediatrics and Neanotology, Neurology, Rehabilitation and Physical Education as laboratory assistants.

At the end of the event, D. Sidikova thanked everyone for their attention.