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Endless joy of children

13:46 30.12.2019

New Year’s holiday is a favorite holiday for kids. For each New Year’s event,  children get prepared separately. That is why every event is full of fun and exciting.

The administration of Andijan State Medical Institute prepared a wonderful gift for the New Year holiday together with the regional puppet theater for the children of the staff of the institute team.

New Year’s performances have been organized for children on the stage of the “Barkamol Avlod” Art Center in Andijan. The New Year’s Eve with circus performances, and fairy tale characters like Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Baba Yaga, Pinocchio, Panda, Karkusha, gave children a lot of joy.

During the performance, interesting games were organized. The winners received prizes from Santa Claus. The parents were happy with their kids.

The participants of the holiday took pictures with Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the heroes of fairy tales. Songs and dances were performed in mass.

All participants of the holiday wished each other good wishes – May the New Year be full of success, Happy New Year!

Information service of ASMI

Translated by N.Mamatova