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“Ethical culture of youth and duty to parents”

14:04 25.01.2020

The spiritual life of a family is based on mutual respect, kindness, humanity, nobleness, mercy, patience, and humanity.

On the initiative of the Department of Medical Biology and Histology of  Andijan State Medical Institute and in connection with the “Day of the Department”, an event was held in the student dormitory on the topic “Ethical Culture of Youth and Duty to Parents”. The event was attended by the head of the Department of Medical Biology and Histology R.R. Rakhmonov, professors and teachers.

The head of the department R.R.Rakhmonov told the students about the family environment, as the basis of upbringing, the role of father and mother in raising a child. The next speaker was N. Umarova, responsible for the spiritual and educational work of the department. She said: “Education of the family is one of the elements of universal values, the family is the basis of life experience, each parent must strengthen their families and fulfill their responsibilities.”

During the event, professors and teachers expressed their opinions about the family on the example of life experience and read works. The first-year students of the dental faculty read verses by Mukhamad Yusuf and showed scenes from the life of students.