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Friendly volleyball match

17:10 12.12.2019

Sport is the ambassador of friendship. Sports competitions unite people of all nations and form friendship. In September, athletes from Andijan State Medical Institute visited Osh State University and held a friendly volleyball match.

The team of Osh State University arrived in Andijan for a return game.

In the gym of Andijan State Medical Institute, a friendly volleyball match was held between the institute staff and the team of Osh State University.

Youth, speed and agility always accompany a person who is fond of sports.

The friendly volleyball match was full of interesting moments. The team of Andijan State Medical Institute, who was defeated in the trip match with a score of 3: 2, defeated the guests with the same score – 3: 2. At the end of the friendly volleyball match, the guests were presented with souvenirs. And most importantly, besides the students trained physically, they had a good time.

Zulhumor Abdullaeva

Translated by N.Mamatova