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Higher education is an area of without corruption

18:00 26.11.2019

Higher education is the most advanced category of society. Young people studying in higher education institutions can contribute to the development of society. For this reason, our government has created a wide range of opportunities for young people with higher education.

In response to this belief, young people are being trained for good purposes. But there is a crime of corruption that is a threat to the noble goals and courageous steps of young people. Thanksgiving event, traditionally held at Andijan State Medical Institute, focused on the conditions created for young people and the fight against corruption.

Thanksgiving event was held in the main building of the Institute under the responsibility of the Department of Pharmacology. The event was attended by the dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics A.Gafurov and the Deputy Dean K.Baitullaev.
Thanksgiving event was held by the Department of Surgery and Urology at ASMI Clinic. The event was opened by Ulugbek Karimov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Therapy, who spoke about his gratitude. In addition, the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was sung by the faculty and students.

Responsible for spiritual and educational work of the department Fayozbek Khamidov made a report on «Corruption is the end of life».
The dean of the Faculty of Therapy, docent Bakhtiyorjon Mamatov spoke about the conditions created for students and the measures against corruption in universities.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry D.Tullanov participated in the «Thanksgiving» event, which was held in the building of the Institute.
The government has a special emphasis on education. We must all contribute to improving the quality of education. This point was particularly highlighted at Thanksgiving events.