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His poems are on the wings of songs …

15:33 26.09.2019

Every poet wants to have his poems to be a song, to enter into the language of people and to live forever in the songs. For a poem to become a song, it must have content that can excite the heart, a form that can give peace to the soul. Bakhodirjon Hodzhimatov, who was born and grew up in Jalakuduk district of Andijan region, one of such poets whose poems are flying on the wings of songs.

Hodzhimatov’s poetic collections “Oqibatni asrang odamlar”, “Haq yo‘lni o‘zingdan boshla”, “Sog‘ingan qalblar”, “Muhammadsiz kuylarim qoldi” have already found their fans. A meeting of the poet with students was organized at the initiative of the teachers of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology of Andijan State Medical Institute.

At the beginning of the meeting with participation of the Deputy Dean of Therapeutic Faculty Ulugbek Karimov, professors and teachers of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, the head of the department Tuhtasin Abdunazarov conducted a «Music Test» to find out the level of students’ knowledge about literature, the power of reading, and books of the poet. Excerpts from various songs were presented, questions were asked about songwriters. Students passed the test well – showed good knowledge of literature and art. During the process, T. Abdunazarov introduced the poet B. Khodzhimatov to the students. Students were very pleased with this unexpected meeting.

At the beginning of the sincere meeting, B. Hodzhimatov read some samples from his poems in the context of motherland, respect for parents, human qualities, and criticism of some of the disadvantages encountered in society. Students asked the poet about his childhood, the process of writing poems, his teachers and attitude towards the reforms in the society. In addition to answering the students ‘questions, the poet was curious about the students’ outlook, the conditions created at the Institute, their attitude towards the literature and what books they had read recently. Questions and answers turned into a heated discussion.

At the end of a meaningful meeting, the poet presented his new book «Yaxshiyam siz borsiz» to students.The impression of meeting with the modest, sincere poet Bakhodirjon Khodzhimatov will be remembered by students for a long time, those who, despite the fact that they have chosen a medical profession, are passionate fans of poetry and are fond of literature.