Holiday greetings

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Dear teachers, dear colleagues, defenders of the Motherland!

The homeland is sacred for each of us. Defense of the Motherland is an honorable duty of every citizen. Boys and girls who carry this service with honor are always held in high esteem by our people.

Medical professionals and the military always go hand in hand. This was clearly seen during the coronavirus pandemic. Physicians have always been with the people, and our valiant soldiers and officers stood guard over the people. We know that  it is doubly honorable that the graduates of the medical institute have military ranks. They are our pride.

Brave defenders of our Motheland day and night guarding our country, our independence, let me congratulate you on this honorable holiday – the Day of the Defender of the Motherland!

I wish you health, success, strength and endurance in your difficult task. We are proud that the protection of our Motherland is in the hands of such courageous and strong men!

Dear defenders of the Motherland – military doctors, dear colleagues, be always healthy and happy for the joy of your families and all of Uzbekistan.

Once again, Happy Holidays!

  M.M. Madazimov,

 Professor, Rector of Andijan State Medical Institute