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12:54 30.11.2019

Senior lecturer of the Optional and Hospital Surgery A.S.Pakirdinov and assistant of the department of General Surgery J.M.Butaboev passed advanced training courses in the Russian Medical Academy in Moscow, Russia from October 27 to November 25.

During the visit, they took part in the International Congress on        «Interdisciplinary approach to topical issues of elective and emergency abdominal surgery», held on November 7-8 at the Medical University named after Sechenov. At the Congress, they spoke with the famous scientist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Chernousov, and Professor R. Bittner from England.

Professor A.V. Vardanyan gave a lecture on the topic «Varicose Disease» on a teleconference which was organized between Andijan State Medical Institute and  Russian Medical Academy. During the visit, they closely got acquainted with the educational process at the Medical University named after Sechenov.They got acquainted with modern diagnostic and treatment methods and took part in the operations in the Oncology Research Center named after N.N.Blokhin at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N.Bakulev at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Clinical Hospital named after S.P. Botkin.

Translated by N.Mamatova