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09:55 29.06.2020

The leadership of Andijan State Medical Institute paid special attention to the representatives of this field, gathered journalists who regularly cover the activities of the institute in the mass media and awarded them.

Journalism means good day.Expressing the events of our daily lives in a fast, objective and transparent way in a concise and understandable language requires great creative skills. A talented writer, on the other hand, is able to quickly grasp the good aspects of events and convey them to the public in a beautiful way.

The rector of the Institute, professor M.M. Madazimov, a group of journalists and activists, including the head of the Andijonnoma newspaper, the press secretary of the regional council of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan «Adolat» AkbarjonNazarov, the editor of the newspaper «TibbiyotGulshani» RanokhonHayitbaeva, OdiljonKarimov,  rector`s press secretary  and KozimjonBaydullaev, Deputy Dean of the PediatricFaculty on Spiritual and Educational Affairs, warmly congratulated with  professional holiday.

He described each journalist individually, highlighting their hard work and dedication, noting that in today’s information and globalization process, the role and prestige of journalists in society is growing.

He wished them sincere success in their future works. Afterwards, were presented with bouquets and souvenirs. Pro-rector on Youth Affairs P. Askhanov also took part in the process.
After the heartfelt congratulations, the journalists were also pleased with the honor, expressed their views and thanked the leadership of the institute.
Happy professional holiday, dear employees! 

Press Service of ASMI