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14:52 22.05.2019

On May 21, 2019 in the conference hall of Andijan state medical institute meeting of the khakim of Andijan region Shukhratbek Abdurakhmonov with the students of the institute was held.

During the meeting, khakim of the region spoke on ongoing reforms in Andijan, changes, news and dwelled on the 2 main issues – the implementation of 5 initiatives         put forward by our Prezident as well as family issues. Particularly he stressed on family relationships, housing the population, preparation of youth to family life, wedding parties, legal marriage, consequences of giving in marriage the girls in their early age, upbringing in the family, kind relationships, culture of reading books, new modern technologies in various fields, provision of employment for youth and other hot issues.

He stated that, our youth should be more active, full of energy, hard working, aspiring if we want to demonstrate Andijan as an example in executing the 5 initiatives. He said that every person should love his Motherland, he should be kind and faithful and achieve high goals by true labor, knowledge and hard attempts.
Khakim of Andijan region had an open and friendly conversation with the students and was interested in their opinions on the above issues.
At the meeting, the student of Nursing Department M. Umarkhodjaeva spoke on the great attention, created conditions and opportunities given by of our state, khakimiyat and institute to the youth. Also she said with satisfaction that her authorial book is being published with the help of the Regional Khakimiyat.

At the event Kh.Muhtorjonova, the winner of the state Prize named after Zulfiya as well as other students of the institute shared their impressions on the meeting and thanked the head of our region for his visit and meeting.

At the end of the meeting khakim of the region Sh.Abdurakhmanov handed in new books as memorable gifts to the students and expressed his sincere wishes.