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Andijon sh. Yu.Otabekov 1-uy

“Life without corruption”

13:16 18.01.2020

Peaceful life, prosperity and development of society are possible only subject to the laws and the Constitution. The most effective way to obey the Law is through public control. Many mean by this the control of society by state organizations. Unfortunately, one should not be limited only to this. Society must control itself. This is an important criterion for the development of society.

Today, the legal culture of young people has significantly increased, as well as their attitude to the laws. A citizen who knows his rights will not allow delinquency. Young people take a special place in the fight against the most painful point in society – corruption. Based on this, a number of events are being held among young people aimed at eradicating this evil. On the initiative of the teacher of the Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology Gavkhar Minavarova, an exhibition of wall newspapers on the theme “We will live without corruption” was held. The purpose of this event was to find out the students’ attitude to this burning topic.

Students of all directions participated in the competition. Students showed how they see corruption, its deplorable consequences. Each group creatively approached the design of posters.

The winners of the contest “The Best Poster” were adequately appreciated by the teachers of the department. Only without corruption can a society develop. We must all unite and fight this evil and completely eradicate it.


Teacher of the Department of Languages,

Pedagogy and Psychology

Translated by N.Mamatova