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Love, attention and sincere talks

15:23 25.10.2019

The child’s heart always needs kind words and love. Especially in the orphanage  boys and girls always need love and attention because it plays an important role in their future development. Only those who got love from surrounding can be patriotic.

For this reason, according to the plan, approved by the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute M.M.Madazimov and Commander of the Eastern Military District, colonel L.Y.Buzrukov, it became a tradition to visit the orphanages of our region and give them a hearty talk.

One of such events was on October 23, 2019, when professors and teachers of the Department of Military Training and Civil Protection of Andijan State Medical Institute and the 4th year students of Therapeutic Faculty visit the regional orphanage in Andijan.

At the meeting head of the department of military training and civil protection of the Andijan State Medical Institute, lieutenant colonel of medical service A.N.Nasriddinov, professors of the department: Armed Forces A.A.Solyev, B. Razzakov, O.S.Usmanov, M.M.Olmasov and students presented gifts to children. Director of the orphanage D.B. Sattorova acquainted the guests with the conditions in the orphanage. Students of the military department took an active part in the landscaping works of the orphanage. They had a heartfelt conversation with children and cheered their hearts.

Especially, the children were happy with the gifts. They felt their need and significance. Their interests, desires and problems were carefully listened and studied.

Of course, such charitable events were held by our institute many times. This visit to the orphanage is one of them.

A.A. Soliev,

Armed Forces Officer,

A.Valijonov,  Sh.Haydarov

Students of the department

Translated by N.Mamatova