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Mastery classes with participation of the professor from the University of Zurich Matiaz Nelle

09:43 26.04.2019

Professor of the University of Zurich (Switzerland) Dr. Matiaz Nelle was invited to Andijan State Medical Institute with a master class and a lecture on the use of equipment and equipment in the intensive care units of children

During the visit, the professor conducted rounds of sick newborns and consultations, gave recommendations on diagnostic and therapeutic tactical approaches in extreme situations in newborns. Recommendations on the use of modern equipment in the departments of children’s intensive care were also given, and an integrative lecture was held on the same topic.

At the end of the visit, on April 25, a briefing was held on the main problems of providing medical care and training trainers from the teaching staff of the department and clinic staff. Draft agreements between universities and the clinic were also discussed.