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Medical examination of military personnel

11:33 10.01.2020

The defense of the Motherland is the sacred duty of each of us. Defenders of the  Motherland are always in the attention of the people. Therefore, the traditional “Patriotic Month”, held in honor of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland, is always full of various events.

At the initiative of the Military Department of  Andijan State Medical Institute, a free medical examination was organized for the military personnel and their families of Andijan garrison.

The staff, professors and teachers of the department, together with the employees of the charitable foundation of the regional branch “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun”, the children’s regional multidisciplinary medical center, doctors of the endocrinology hospital visited the 19th general hostel of the military personnel of the city of Andijan.

The social and medical staff of the regional charity foundation “Solom Avlod Uchun”, therapist Nazarova R., medical nurses D. Tillaboldieva, F. Ramazonova under the direction of T. B. Berdirakhimov, as well as endocrinologist Madrakhimova G. conducted a medical examination of more than 60 women and children and distributed medicines.

The physician of the branch Mamatkulova made ultrasound examination of patients. Doctors of Andijan regional multidisciplinary medical center Kh. Mamatkulov, Kh. Rakhmatova, M. Akhmedov, Kh. Kosimov performed a medical examination of the ear, throat, nose of the military personnel, their families, of which more than 30 women and 40 children.

The organization of free medical examination for military personnel and their families continues