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Meet, the winner of the Republican Science Olympiad. MohinurbonuZakirova: "We justify the trust!"

15:28 30.06.2020

Hello dear teachers, dear peers!
Today, our country is celebrating another holiday – «Youth Day». Happy Youth Day to all of you!
I was born in Namangan. I’m interested in music, swimming, table tennis and other sports, reading books. I graduated from the piano department of the music school and successfully participated in a number of competitions held in our country to support young people. I feel the attention and care of our government, personally by our President, to our youth at all times.

I have been interested in medicine since I was young. I achieved my dream and became a student of Andijan State Medical Institute. At our institute we have all the conditions for students. I am a member of the Young Biologist Circle at the Department of Biology.
With the help of my supervisor, KimsanoyMuminova, I won the honorable first place in Biology at the Republican Science Olympiad, which was held online this year.
I believe that the youth of our country will always justify the trust of our people!
Happy Youth Day everyone!


1st year student of ASMI.