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Meeting of the rector of Andijan State Medical Institute with students continues

13:45 17.01.2020

In the open dialogue of the rector of ASMI M.M. Madazimov with students the vice-rectors and deans also took part. Another open dialogue was held in the 2nd lecture hall of the institute with the 3rd year students of the Faculty of Dentistry, in which the dean of the faculty D.Tulanov and the deputy dean of this faculty took part.

Before the meeting, Professor M.M. Madazimov said that all the reforms carried out in our country are based on the principle of peace and tranquility. He noted that each of us should value peace on our land. He further said that the profession of a doctor requires great responsibility from a person. During the conversation, he also talked about the results of the meeting of our President in 2019 with active youth and the tasks outlined by him to increase the effectiveness of educational work, support youth, and improve their life. In the conversation, the rector mentioned the culture of clothing, compliance with the rules of the institute, the study of foreign languages, participation in scientific societies. Students expressed gratitude to the rector for a sincere conversation.