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Musical and literary composition

16:25 09.12.2019

In order to ensure the implementation of 5 important initiatives put forward by the President of the country, on December 6, 2019 at the Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology, a musical and literary composition was held on the theme “The Constitution in Our Life”. The event was prepared by the teachers of the department M.R. Mamadjanova, Yu.K. Gafurova and students of the group 101 of Therapeutic faculty.

The event was opened by the head of the department M.M.Kuziboeva. She said that students should have good knowledge of state symbols, legal documents, their rights and obligations, respect the law, be worthy citizens of the country. Then the students began the festive event.

Beautiful dances, soulful verses, proverbs brought all a festive mood. Students performed songs in Russian, dance and recite poems. In addition, young artists showed their abilities in the genre of painting. The holiday ended with a song about our Motherland performed the by students.