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New year greetings from the Rector of Andijan State Medical Institute, doctor of medical sciences, professor M.M. Madazimov

12:00 31.12.2019

Dear teachers, dear colleagues, dear students!
 Each year leaves an indelible mark on a person’s life with unforgettable moments. I think that the outgoing 2019 was a productive, joyful and successful year for all of us, because our country is calm, and the sky is clear! Working in such a prosperous country, in the New Year, we will certainly contribute to the prosperity of our people and the development of our state.
Dear ones, Happy New Year 2020!
May the New Year be full of success for the professors, teachers, mentors of our friendly team, as well as for all who work to increase the potential of this great institution.
May peace and joy, happiness and prosperity reign in every home.
Happy New Year!