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New Year Intellectual show at the Department of Normal Physiology

15:45 17.12.2019

New Year intellectual show titled «Modern approaches to studying neurophysiology of cerebellum» was organized in Andijan State Medical Institute with participation of the students of group 202-A of the faculty of Therapy under the guidance of the docent I.B. Zulunova.

Dean of the faculty of Therapy B.Mamatov, head of the Department of Medical Biology and Histology R.Rahmonov, Head of the Department of Neurology , docent N.A. Nasritdinova, the assistant of the Department of Anatomy and OSTA U.Ahmedov participated in the event.

At the event, students revealed the morphofunctional features of the cerebellum by linking the ontogeny, anatomy, histology and physiology of the cerebellum.

They also provided information on the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestation of cerebral ataxia, linked to the clinical state of cerebellum physiology.

They have shown treatment methods with the latest technologies for cerebellum diseases.

Everyone enjoyed the festive process of the lesson.