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News at Information Resource Center

13:46 25.09.2019

Preparation work for the new academic year is actively carried out at the Information Resource Center of Andijan State Medical Institute. This year, the book fund is 230,416 copies of 27,442 titles.

Our center has undergone great changes. An electronic reading room has been organized for our students. There are 21 computers in this reading room. Users can use the IRC database. In addition, our center is connected to the WI-FI system.

An open book fund was set up at the Information Resource Center. Looking at wall-mounted bookshelves every visitor has a growing love for books.

A cozy “BOOK KAFE” has been set up in our center for our students to have a meaningful rest. There, users can drink cool drinks and enjoy sweets.

One of the innovations of our center is the launch of the book printing equipment. Using this equipment, one can increase the number of manuals, monographs and lesser-numbered textbooks  created by our teachers.

We strive to provide our readers with a friendly attitude while using IRC facilities. We are waiting for our readers in our center!