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16:22 13.12.2018

Only a few days left for the miraculous and beloved holiday – the New Year, that all of us look forward to. These days there is a special celebration of the holiday in our country.
Our compatriots are in a festive mood, the streets, alleys, squares, offices and organizations have already been decorated.
On the eve of New Year holiday, the territory of Andijan State Medical Institute, its educational departments, technical and economic departments of the institute have been festively decorated by the staff.

A huge Christmas tree, decorated in the courtyard of the institute, awakens festive feelings, its colorful lights, fabulous decorations are pleasing to the eye. Thanks to this, we feel new desires, new wishes, joy and happiness and a sense of gratitude for our peaceful and prosperous life.

Dear compatriots, dear professors, teachers and students! Happy coming New Year 2019! May the New Year be for us a year of success and new achievements!